Best-Ever Wildlife Shots

The Digital Camera World January 2019 magazine features ’10 Steps to Animal Magic’ as its front page main feature.

It seems like a good enough article promising ‘techniques, tips and strategies for making magical animal captures’.

The 10 steps begin with 1. ‘Plan your shoot’, 2. ‘Choose the right equipment’, 3. ‘Pack the right supplies’, 4. ‘Set up your camera’, the advice is sound enough as are the supporting images.

The we get to section 5. Shooting settings to be confronted by this image…..’Giving you the eye!’, ‘You winking at me?!’, ‘Does my bum look big (in this photo)’? etc. etc.


Quite possibly one of the least flattering wildlife images I have ever seen and apparently shot with the monster Canon EF 28-700mm f/4L lens!

We then move on to Section 6. ‘Long-lens skills’ which features this image of 4 pink-footed geese behind some barbed wire….


The rest of the feature includes sections on using a hide, getting creative at home (with flash) and zoo photography, concluding with ‘Pro insight from Andy Rouse’, basically an advert for Andy’s latest excellent Tiger book ‘Noor: Queen of Ranthambhore’.

Digital Camera World Editor Niall Hampton wrote the feature and took some of the images while testing the new Sigma 60-600mm f/4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sport lens, dare I suggest he needs new glasses if the photographs above are considered suitable for a front cover feature that uses words like ‘best-ever’ and ‘magical’?